RegScanner 2.71

Explore your system's registry easily and fast with this program

Windows registry is the database that contains information about the setup and options of the software and hardware in Windows OS.
With time, and as we install and uninstall hardware and software items, the registry file gets jammed, and this can result in system errors. This free program allows us to find any specific registry item so we can edit or delete it, thus giving us more control over what happens in our system. Unlike Windows' Regedit, this program shows all the relevant results in just one list so we don't have to click on the Find next option (or use F3) to jump to the next relevant item.

The program is very easy to use. We can simply start a new scan from the File menu- An Options window will appear, from which we can set many search criteria, such as the string, last modification date, and so on. Also, we can specify if we only need to find values, data, or keys, as well as the type of values we need. As I said earlier, the program will show us the results in a single list. Then, we can double-click on the one we need to open it on regedit so we can edit or delete it.

Please note that being such an important element of Windows, the registry is not something to mess around with. If we delete or edit the wrong items, we can cause a major failure in our system, and maybe we would need to reinstall it Windows altogether to fix it. Thus, this is not a program for beginners. If you are an advanced Windows user, then you may find this program useful.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The software is free to download and use
  • You can go to a specific registry item in regedit just by clicking on its name on the results list


  • The program is only for advanced Windows users
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